In need of party shoes that will make you (and those around you) weak in the knees they’re so pretty, but don’t want to shell out Loubie prices?
Meet Luichiny’s Duchess Sandal.
Worn by our own editrix Kelly Lee this weekend at a wedding in The Hamptons, she says the be-bowed lovelies literally had girls on their knees inspecting them and snapping photos (new trend: shoe paparazzi!).
She also notes that they’re surprisingly comfy too, wearing them for a good six hours before feeling any aches. kellygolightly tested and approved!
Available in a slew of colors (we’re partial to the elegant dark champagne), they come in whole sizes (if you’re a half size, we recommend going up) and, best of all, are available at our new fave shoe site Endless, an Amazon offspring.
Why? You get FREE overnight shipping and free returns too, so order them now and you’ll have them tomorrow. If they don’t work out for any reason, simply put them back in the box, attach the included pre-paid shipping label and hand back to your mailman, receptionist, personal umbrella handler… The best kind of online shopping in our opinion.
Treat your feet to a big dose of gorgeous right here!
p.s. Holiday party season is only a month away — these will get you through with style and envy (gotta love that holiday spirit!).

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