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Did you guys catch the Secrets from a Stylist premiere on Saturday night? Did you love it as much as I did? Amazing design aside, I think Anne Hathaway and James Franco better watch out, because Emily Henderson (adorable blonde above who wears her heart on her sleeve, er, well almost) is the most likable, endearing host ever to grace the boob tube (even my Mom thinks so and loves her charmingly wackadoo comments like: “It’s just design folks, not rocket surgery.”). For even more Emilyisms, be sure to check out Emily Henderson’s blog. [Oh, and the other cutie pie is Emily’s right-hand man on the show, Orlando.]


hemingways hollywood secrets from a stylist premiere party


I was lucky enough to attend the Secrets from a Stylist premiere party on Saturday night at Hemingway’s in Hollywood. This library-bar is my dream room come true, with shelves upon shelves and stacks upon stacks of books.



And typewriters climbing the walls. Insane. Imagine the love letters you could write! You can see more photos here (it was hard to take good ones, as it was quite dark).


secrets from a stylist's meily henderson with style expert and kellygolightly editor kelly lee


That’s Emily and moi toasting her killer success. If you need a little inspiration or kick in the pants to go after your dreams, you should definitely read my interview with Emily after she won Design Star. Full of gems, I tell you.


coco+kelley cassandra lavalle rue magazine


Speaking of ladies going after their dreams, here I am with the sweet and stylish self-taught interior designer, Coco+Kelley blogger, and Rue Magazine market editor, Cassandra LaValle.


The Void blogger Darcy with kellygolightly editor and fashion expert Kelly Lee

[H&M top; J.Crew skirt]


I also met brand-new new fashion blogger Darcy of The Void. How could I miss her? We were wearing the same shirt and had both just scooped it up at H&M mere days before! Being in the business of fashion and design, I sometimes get accused of being a little vain (mostly — okay only — by my family who likes to keep my head out of the clouds and my throbbing feet on the ground). But I’m pretty sure taking your photo next to a tall, leggy blond 25-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow lookalike qualifies as the opposite of vain, right? I’m a giver, people, I know. Anyway, it was an incredibly fun night toasting Emily’s success and I can’t wait to watch future episodes of Secrets from a Stylist (9pm/8c on HGTV). If you watched the first episode, I’ve love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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