rio, brazil


We’ve had such a wonderful time in Rio that instead of flying back to LA tonight as planned, we pushed our flights back until next week. We’ll be spending a few extra days in Rio and a long weekend at our friends’ farmhouse in Miguel Pereira. We’re excited and intrigued to see the Brazilian countryside. Before we head into Internet-free territory, I wanted to share some scenes from Rio. I hope you enjoy!

[The beaches of Leblon and Ipanema as seen from our hotel room; Fresh melon juice enjoyed while looking down from Corcovado/Christ the Redeemer; Fred Baby enjoying a fresh coconut in Leblon with Dos Hermanos in the background; the view from Corcovado; Avocados as big as your face at the local supermarket]

 rio; prainha, brazil; prianha, brasil

rio; prainha, brazil; prianha, brasil
[Fishing boats in Pedra de Guaratiba, just outside of Rio; Caipirinhas, the national drink of Brazil; Prainha, a secluded surfers beach outside of Rio; my friend and jewelry designer Kristen McCloud strolling along the boardwalk in Leblon; Local treats from Bibi Sucos, including fresh watermelon juice, acai (a frozen fruit treat kind of like frozen yogurt but not — have you ever  tried it?), and a sandwich of minas cheese, roasted bananas and cinnamon – so unusual but delicious]
rio de janiero, brazil; prainha, rio, brasil
rio de janiero, brazil; prainha, rio, brasil
rio de janiero, brazil; prainha, rio, brasil
[Fisherman casting their illuminated lures in Guaratiba; The night sky in Prainha; Favorite finds from the Hippie Fair in Rio; Chocolate eggs with hidden surprises inside suspended from the ceiling of the local grocery store for Easter; Prainha; Drinks at the Santa Teresa Hotel; Prainha; The beaches where Leblon and Ipanema meet; Balls of fried codfish, a local favorite]

[Photos by BussBuss]


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