Somehow I always knew this day would come. I dreaded it, knowing I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye without shedding tears. But today, today is finally that day…



Regis, don’t leave me! I know what you’re probably thinking: Say what?!



While I’ve confessed my love of Regis and Kelly before, I’ve never really shared just how much I love Regis (don’t judge my obsessions – the heart wants what it wants).



Incidentally, Regis came into my life circa 2004, right around the time we moved to New York (Hoboken, actually), long after the Kathie Lee years…



And, as someone who works from home, he’s spent every morning with me since (okay, by morning I mean afternoon, we have a TiVo affair, but all the same…).




He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he’s my kind of guy, Regis is (how cute is he as a little boy). And today is his very last day hosting Live! With Regis and Kelly.



I haven’t brought myself to watch the final episode yet. We have, once again, workmen in the house fixing things, and my final moments with Regis require absolute solitude. I want to drink this moment in right, with a vodka-spiked Ovaltine at my side (I jest).  But seriously, I will miss Regis more than is probably normal or healthy. Regis, I love you. And I know Regis loves me too. He’s always calling Kelly Ripa by my name, Kelly Lee. It’s a sign, we’re just meant to be…



Farewell, for now, friend…


Until we meet again xx,

The Real Kelly Lee


p.s. Do you love Regis too? Will you miss him? To fill the void I’ll be spending lots of time with this and this. You’re welcome, America.



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