Last night in bed. 2AMish (not Amish, but the time, around 2 AM) or thereabouts. I’m fidgeting restlessly in bed, reading Why Girls Are Weird (a book I’m loving so far by the way).
Klaus: Something wrong?
Me: I’m hungry.
Klaus: Again?
Me: I never eat til I’m full anymore, so I always feel hungry.
Klaus: What? Why?
Me: I dunno, I just get tired of eating. It’s exhausting. And I get bored.
Good god people! Isn’t that just pitiful?! Well that was last night. So today, despite the urge to just grab quick bites, say of those iced cinnamon rolls staring me in eyes, or those oh-so-convenient Lucky Charms who are always yodeling my name, I attempted to eat something that might have some nutrients. Being a vegetarian every other day, today being one of them, I wasn’t turned on by the quick-protein-fix idea of meat. What’s a girl to do? Luckily, I remembered a can of refried beans and heated those up and concocted two nice veggie tacos. Not bad.
And since Klaus graciously pointed out how lame it was that I didn’t have the strength to finish a meal, I thought maybe I’d try this yoga tape I’d checked out of the library three weeks ago. Better late than never, naysayers! I’m not very electronically inclined nor am I interested at all in the topic, but Klaus had showed me how to get the tape to play. I mean we have a cable box, TiVo, a DVD player, a TV, it gets confusing. So I did as I was told and pressed the damn little button and got a blank black screen. Over and over again. I was pretty sure I was doing it right considering all I had to do was press the TV/Video button on the TV itself and then press play. Plus the TiVo worked fine as it was supposed to. But nothing. Was it a sign? A sign that yoga wasn’t worth this much work? I think so.
But, did I give up? Not entirely. I still managed 25 jumping jacks. Yes, I said jumping jacks. Does anyone do jumping jacks anymore or has anyone other than me performed one since 1985? I also did a few half-hearted sit-ups and a decent amount of stretching. Boy was I pooped. What happened to the obnoxiously hyperactive girl I once was? I mean, I can barely touch my toes these days, and I used to run track! Play volleyball! Hell, I was even a cheerleader! I did gymnastics and the whole football team, er, I mean the whole nine yards.
Klaus came home tonight and I gave him my standard and quite dull report of what I did for the day, and when I got to the VCR part, he revealed that he’d hooked up the cable/wires/things I’m not interested in to the DVD player, which is why I couldn’t get my damn library yoga tape to work. Traitor.
This is a good place for a tangent. So the library, have you been? To like a public community/city library? Man. They’re simply amazing. I mean, they seem so

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