It’s not too late to ring in the New Year in style. Quite literally.
This year, we resolved to start a new tradition: to literally ring in the New Year. What the hizzy does that mean? It means we’re treating ourselves to a new ring each New Year – a little New Year’s gift to ourselves. Of course, we decided to do this with one of our absolute best friends, which makes it that much more meaningful.
The idea? To be able to look back in several years to see where you were in your life and to reminisce, hopefully fondly, about that time and those memories. Plus, we’re looking forward to buying a pretty, super simple long chain and adding all of the rings to it over the years, charm bracelet-style, natch.
Think times are too tough to start such a fab tradition? Not to fret. All of our picks are $200 or under, with many under $50! Which means you can take part — no visit to the gumball machine required.
So treat yourself, or grab your mom, your sis, your BFF or all of your favorite girls and ring in the New Year together. Perhaps you’ll decide to all pick the same ring each year or maybe you’ll each pick your own, or maybe you’ll each pick one for one another. Whatever you decide, we hope you’ll ring in the New Year fabulously.
See our fave rings for 2009 here!

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