Are you trying to keep up your holiday spirits, but sometimes find it challenging? Me too. I’m trying to be Polly Sunshine, but sometimes, sometimes, I need a little dark humor to get me through the day. On the road, I get my fix from Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer on Sirius satellite radio (Alexis being Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart’s sardonic, hysterical daughter). In front of the boob tube, I get it from Whatever, Martha! on FLN, where Alexis and Jennifer watch old Martha Show episodes and mock Martha Stewart and her guests ruthlessly (brills!). But when I’m online, where do I get my fix? At Regretsy. Now I’m addicted to Etsy as much as the next design-loving girl. But the problem with Etsy is that not only is there a ton of great stuff that you suddenly can’t live without, there’s a ton of awful stuff that you can’t believe someone actually took the time to make (and sell!). Regretsy exists to document it all, with wisecrackin’ commentary to go with the “finds” (the finds range from felted vajay-jay necklaces to baby rattles with deer hooves and furry acorns, or in other words, anything that could be filed under WTF?!). If you love Go Fug Yourself or simply enjoy a little schadenfreude, get thee to Regretsy. Think it’s just too mean? Ironically, in a twisted turn of karma, most of the featured products on Regretsy end up selling out. Plus, Regretsy is selling their own merchandise, where the profits are then used to hire Etsy artists to create handmade products for various charities (they are currently raising money to create hats for cancer and chemo patients). So, really, it’s good to be bad.

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