It’s still raining like cats and chihuahuas in sunny (liars!) California, but no matter. It’s given me time to perfect my recipe for the perfect rainy day. It’s quite simple actually, with only two (yes, TWO) ingredients. Can you guess what they are? If you said a Snuggie and Nutella, then pat yourself on the back because you are right.

My darling Hubs gave me a Snuggie this Christmas. When I opened it, I believe my reaction went something like, “Oh. What? Oh. Thanks?” Despite being the cliché of a girl who is always cold (I’ve been known to have goose bumps in 85-degree weather), I never saw a Snuggie infomercial and thought I’ve got to have one of those! However, it ended up being an ah-mazing gift. And, despite looking like Chewbacca in it (mine is brown), the Hubs actually uttered these words, “I know this sounds weird, but that Snuggie really suits you.” I believe my reaction went something like “Oh. What? Oh. Thanks?” He meant the brown color, which brings us to the other perfect rainy day ingredient, Nutella. No elaboration needed there. I love that he got me a Snuggie to match my Nutella.

You may feel more like Chewbacca, but you'll look more like Princess Lea

Actually, come to think of it, there’s a third ingredient for the perfect rainy day: a good laugh.

For the funniest review I’ve ever read between a Snuggie, a Slanket and other competing blanka-robes, check out this article.

Laughs aside, I have a Snuggie and it’s super soft and long and luxurious. Perhaps it’s a second generation Snuggie? Um, actually I think it is, as I just found it online. It’s the Micro Plush Snuggie Blanket in chocolate brown. Yum.

For the funniest parody of a Snuggie, you must watch this video. It might even be better than Nutella (blasphemy I know).


Do you have a Snuggie? Do you love it? Would you never be caught dead in one? Have you been on a Snuggie Pub Crawl? Have an ingredient to add to the Perfect Rainy Day recipe? Please share in the comments below!

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