I shared how to style pink shelves recently, but wanted to share a more full view of my rainbow glassware collection. Take a peek and see where to buy colored colored glassware, so you can start a colored glassware collection of your own!



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My Rainbow Glassware Collection + Where to Buy Colored Glassware


I’ve been collecting colored glassware for many years now. While some of it is new, a lot of it is vintage glassware from shopping the amazing vintage stores in Palm Springs.

As I mentioned in this post on how to style pink shelves, I found it sad that most of our colored glassware was hidden away in our bar cabinet. And I also wanted to see it on a daily basis not only because it’s beautiful but because color has such an impact on my mood.

I’d always adored Elsie’s rainbow glassware collection. So was inspired to make a little rainbow of my own. Well, actually I’m not sure if this qualifies as a rainbow, but you get the drift.

I also have much more glassware hidden away. So this is just my progress so far, but I wanted to share in case you wanted to start a colored glassware collection of your own!

Below I’m sharing where to buy new and vintage colored glassware online, since so may shops and flea markets are closed right now.


Where to Buy New & Vintage Colored Glassware


  • Ebay — One of the best sources for vintage colored glassware. I always search for “Blendo glass” for the frosted pastel colored glasses you see on my shelves (like the purple frosted glasses and the pink Blendo glasses).

  • Etsy — An incredible treasure trove for vintage glassware, including the pink wine glasses and champagne coupes you see on my pink shelves. Search “pink depression glass” or “Arcoroc glassware” or “depression era glass.” You can also find great Blendo glassware here too.

  • Anthropologie — For vintage-inspired glassware that is new, Anthro is a great source. Those pink stemless glasses on the second shelf are an Anthro find, and they have them in many other glass styles as well.

  • cb2 — Those bright pink and emerald green glasses on the bottom shelf are a cb2 find from a few years ago. They always have interesting colored glassware and at really good prices.

  • West Elm — I’ve noticed lately that West Elm has been offering up cute colored glassware at very affordable prices. I’m going to grab these acrylic pink glasses for poolside!

  • Amazon — What doesn’t Amazon sell? While I didn’t originally get the aqua blue Fitz & Flyod goblets on the bottom shelf from Amazon, I just saw that they carry them, along with peach glasses and so much more.

  • Estelle Colored Glassware — While this is more of a splurge, you know how in love I am with new-to-me brand Estelle Colored Glassware. I shared which colors I would get in this post.


Those are my favorite go-to sources for new and vintage colored glassware! Do you have a any favorite sources? LMK and I can add them to the list xo!







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