Want to see architectural homes in the Mojave desert of California? Check out PS Mod Com’s High Desert Tour of homes near Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley! A peek…

One of the perks of our new life in Palm Springs is the hubby’s new career. Instead of listening to hi-tech jargon and nodding as my eyes glaze over because I don’t understand what in the world he’s talking about, he’s now immersed in a world I love and even vaguely understand – modern design and architecture.

He joined Blue Sky Homes, a residential building startup that’s revolutionizing the way homes are built (using patented steel construction, green technology, etc. – the short of it is they can essentially build the impossible while not destroying the land — see how the home above floats above the landscape?). Perhaps you saw the Blue Sky Rock Reach House in a eight-page Dwell spread last month? I’m shamelessly bragging, I know, but I’m just so proud of him and excited for the Blue Sky team.



Moving on… While having your hubby work on the weekend typically isn’t a positive thing (unless you’re BFFs with the pool boy – tsk tsk!), this weekend it was a major positivo. The Blue Sky Home in Yucca Valley, California was part of the Palm Springs Modern Committee’s High Desert Tour, so not only did we get to have fun showing off the Blue Sky house, we got to tour the other homes as well.



If you get a chance to go on a tour like this, I could not recommend it more. Driving through the high desert in Southern California is an adventure on its own (think bumpy dirt roads, surrounded by a Flintstones-like landscape).Mixing it with stunning modern architecture was the icing on the cupcake, or rather, the salt on the margarita.



Don’t you just love this cowboy soaking tub? In my completely unbiased opinion, the Blue Sky Home was undoubtedly my favorite home on the tour (imagine that), and I wasn’t the only one who thought so.


Check out this Chuckwalla who couldn’t take his eyes off of the Blue Sky Home.



Of course, part of the fun was checking out what the other tour participants were wearing. See this pretty lady in the best hat ever? I pretty much stalked The Lady in the Hat the entire day because I just couldn’t get enough of her chic topper. In my mind, I’d awarded her the prize for Best Hat of the Day. Can you blame me?

So color me surprised when, sun-beaten and happily exhausted, I discovered by trolling PS Mod Com’s Facebook page later that night that The Lady in the Hat was the one and only fab designer Trina Turk. While staring shamelessly at her hat and her fabulous top, I even thought to myself Love that Flintstones-esque blouse – reminds me of the Trina Turk cover-up I have. Putting two and two together becomes challenging at altitude (yes, that’s my excuse).


Another highlight of the tour? Getting to see beloved California TV host Huell Howser’s Twenty Nine Palms home.


It’s the perfect party house – so much so in fact that it was the finale house and we got to enjoy a poolside BBQ there.



Filled with found treasures, Huell picks up what he loves as he goes along and makes it look as artful as if he had found it all at an expensive gallery.


Buy what you love, love what you buy…



It’s this laidback quirky mid-century modern aesthetic that makes the desert so utterly appealing. Now, who’s ready to move to the desert?

[Photos by kellygolightly]



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