Being a former New York girl, I was thrilled at Episode 3’s Bright Lights/Big City challenge. And not for the pure love of New York, fashion or nightlife, but because of those brilliant double-decker buses.
Like Leather Face noted ( I mean Stella, not Blayne), most New Yorkers would never hop on board one of these tourist-mobiles because they seem cheesier than a pot of Swiss fondue. I know I thought the same when my Dad insisted I take my sister on a tour on her very first trip to New York .
Well, much to my chagrin, it wouldn’t be the first time my Dad ended up being right (what, I shouldn’t wear a playboy bunny costume out by myself at the age of 20?!).

I urge all New Yorkers to put your pride in your Prada and take a tour. It’s a wonderful way to get around the city and so affordable too (I think a two-day hop on/hop off pass is less than $50). Of course, seeing the sites themselves may be nothing new, but seeing the city from 14 feet high is and it’s something you’ll never forget.
The Brooklyn Night Tour perhaps being the most awe-inspiring. Cruising over the Manhattan Bridge, New York’s dirty air blowing through your hair, the city lights dancing before your jaded eyes, inspires a genuine Christopher Cross moment (when you get caught between the moon and New York City…).
I’ve also been lucky enough to actually be crossing back over the bridge with the best fireworks I’ve ever seen going off overhead (and on my friend’s 30th birthday to boot!). And sometimes you get a really great guide, like my favorite and most memorable Charlie, a sweet widowed octogenarian who couldn’t understand why anyone would ever walk around the city with their ears plugged with iPod headphones. “Listen to the city’s sounds, breathe in all the smells, look up and around. This is New York!”
But back to the fashion, as this concludes my PSA.

While not many of the designers actually stuck to literal translations from photo to runway and undoubtedly the highlight of the night was Tim Gunn shouting ‘Holla at ya boy!’ I was impressed, yet again, with Kenley’s kooky concoction (and my alliteration skills!). The loud print and tulle worked because her dress was perfectly tailored and executed. The girl knows how to edit.
Of course, Leanne’s was a lovely architectural number as well (I thought more Chrysler Building than planter) and was a close second — though clearly from her reaction, she thought she should have been first.

I was really surprised by Terri’s pretty dress-over-pants look. While not groundbreaking, it was very appealing and made me finally realize she might be in the competition. Ditto to Joe, who I think will quietly sail through to the finale.
Jennifer should be thanking her lucky stars that her matronly monstrosity didn’t get her auf’d. Holly Golightly would never wear something so un-chic, not even for the right price. Plus, that dress couldn’t be more daytime. This was a New York Nightlife Challenge.

Now, the question really is why Emily got auf’d? Yes, it did look like a rainbow vomited on Holly Golightly’s LBD, but was it any worse than the rainbow that vomited on Blayne’s jersey dress? I leave you with that to ponder.

Til we meet on the Runway again!
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