As someone who has tried her hand at designing only to realize that those who can, design, those who can’t, become editors, I have a real appreciation for young up-and-coming designers. Which is why I am thrilled Project Runway is back! In the spirit of tanorexic Blayne, it promises to be fabulicious.
I’m a nostalgic kind of girl, so was happier than Carrie Bradshaw at a Manolo sample sale that the first test of designer mettle was a replay of season one’s now famous Gristedes challenge (I still have visions of that Austin Scarlett corn husk number — now that’s what I call a real Field of Dreams).

And yes, while Stella’s trash bag travesty (which I could totally see Marilyn Manson’s next child bride wearing down the aisle by the way) and Jerry’s Singing in the Rain Without My Meds ensemble weren’t as inspired as I would have liked them to be, my socks (okay, tights) were knocked off by Daniel’s molded cup concoction. I say if you can make plastic look posh (er, not in the Pamela Anderson way), then you have my vote any day.

I’m also keen on the quirky, so am not afraid to admit that I really dug Korto’s yellow, produce-embellished frock. It’s like Stella McCartney regurgitated her vegan lunch on Mrs. Roper at a poolside soiree. But in a good way. And a much healthier alternative to wearing a candy necklace, natch. All that was missing was model Katrina toting a bunny down the runway. Nibble. Nibble.

Like Heidi, Nina, Michael and Austin, I too was impressed by winner Kelli’s artful A-line and brilliant treatment of coffee filters and vacuum cleaner bags. I’d try to do the same with my vacuum cleaner bags, but I realize that’s impossible. Not only because I lack this skill, but also because my vacuum is a Roomba.
But I digress.
Despite a few runway misses, season five promises to be full of good old fashion reality TV-filled drama, but most importantly, truly innovative minds (and hands), which, let’s face it, is the reason we’ll all be tuning in again and again.
Well, that and to see just how nuclear Blayne can get.

Until we meet on the Runway again!
p.s. I’ll be guest blogging for this season — be sure to check it out here! You can also bid on each week’s designer creations in their auctions and scope out tons of photos, designer bios and all the info from last season too!

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