Mon amis! We have landed on the last stop of our European Adventure today, in Paris, The City of Lights, and are already in love, loves (after an MTV flight by Vueling no less — who knew those existed? — that played The Hills. If only Kennedy had been our stewardess…).

In a short four-block walk, we visited the new concept store Merci (photos and more info to come, but imagine a mini Colette or Takashimaya meets Anthropologie plus a library/cafe with used books and a vintage Fiat in the courtyard — oh, and exclusive designer goodies at 30-40% off their normal prices, not to mention a major portion of the proceeds going to charity), bought a giant jar of Nutella (the real breakfast of champions and, as far as I’m concerned, the reason the French are happy), gleefully scooped up pain au chocolat and croissants and baguettes (the other reasons the French are so happy), and spotted at least four darling french girls who could easily be Teen Vogue models. Ah, Paris!

Before I delve into the many pleasures of Parisian life (seriously, I think we should all move here immediately — our version of celebrity rehab?), I’d like to share some musings on Portugal. As in Spain, I was really shocked to see ‘ladies of the night’ on the side of the highway during broad daylight. It may be the oldest profession, but I’m of the thinking that prostitution is pretty much a lose-lose situation.
But this is a style-focused site, so let’s get to the fashion take on the topic, shall we? The Ladies of the Day in Spain wore shiny baby blue and pink spandex concoctions, a mix between the Ice Capades and something you’d unearth in Britney Spears’ closet — not a look I would recommend, not even for Halloween.

In Portugal however, one lady stood out to me, as she was undoubtedly influenced by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, the ultra-unrealistic Cindarella story we all hate to love.

Or, perhaps she was inspired by current fashion trends — check out those thigh-high boots, a big trend for fall (no, I’m not being sarcastic, Fendi, Balenciaga, Gucci, just about every designer under the sun is touting them this season).

Obviously, I do not promote prostitution, nor the look, but can thigh-high boots be worn without said wearer looking like, well, you know?
Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

The trick? Other than being at least 5’7″ with gams to die for? Tone down the rest of your look. A comfy-chic cableknit sweater and skinny jeans are perfect (a mini and lots of bare thigh, however, is not) and you’ll master the art of fashion seduction. Kate Moss, who always does it right, is a great example. The rest of her look is casual, conservative, most importantly, covered up, while still radiating glamour. She leaves much to the imagination. So, if you embrace this look, toss on a tee, blazer, tuxedo jacket, faux fur jacket or even a checkered/plaid shirt, slide into those skinny jeans and then prepare for the real workout of the day, pulling on those over-the-knee boots.
How to get them off is an entirely different matter.
Want a flat version that will ensure a less-risque look? These are a steal at less than $40.
Speaking of sexy screen queens, as promised, How to Get the Look of Penelope Cruz (Maria Eleana) in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. With Halloween right around the corner, perhaps one of these looks will inspire you? Though, I think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday can’t be beat.
Are you dressing up for Halloween? I’d love to know what you’ll be sporting come the 31st. Have any suggestions on what I should dress up as for Halloween in Paris? A Freedom Fry? Rick Steves? I’d love your ideas. Tweet me all your Halloween plans and ideas here, Tweethearts xx!

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