Love this floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

Happy Monday! Are you ready to stroll into a new week? I definitely am, especially if it involves this poppy-print jumpsuit!

Love this cute jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

I will say most of my outfits these days have been pajamas and now that I’m finally feeling better, it feels so good to wear real clothes like this Paper Crown jumpsuit by Lauren Conrad!

Love this poppy jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

Amazing how dressing up even when you’re not feeling your best can positively affect your mood and day.

Love this floral jumpsuit & dolce vita tote bag for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

It’s been SO gorgeous in Palm Springs lately, not too hot, which is something to savor.

Love these red sunglasses and boater hat for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

And inspires us to live la dolce vita!

Love this La Dolce Vita boater hat for summer! #kellygolightly #boaterhat #strawhats #wordhats

Somehow I hadn’t realized until after we shot these photos that both my hat and my bag said la dolce vita.

Love this Dolce Vita tote bag + floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

I was drawn to both in part because we had signs at our wedding that read: “To the sweet life!”

Love this floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

Speaking of the sweet life, today is my Mami-in-law’s birthday, so I’d like to wish her a sweet year ahead!

Love this floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

And a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! I’m lucky beyond my wildest dreams to have the best mom in the world and the best mother-in-law.

Love this floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

I’m feeling very grateful these days.

Love this floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

Must be the new meds I’m on. Haha. But I’m feeling like myself again, which is saying A LOT.

Love this floral jumpsuit for summer! #kellygolightly #jumpsuits #papercrown

So cheers to that and to la dolce vita, friends!

Tip: These red sunglasses are on sale for less than $12 so scoop them up stat!



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