One of the great pleasures of New York is the ability to be spontaneous at a moment’s notice. Such was the case last night, after catching up with great friends at dinner. The Hubby and I were going to call it an early night, but while walking home from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side along Central Park, made an abrupt change of plans when I saw that Coco Before Chanel was playing at the Paris Theatre. I’ve been dying to see the Audrey Tatou film (how cute is she, really) and despite big 10 minutes late, I’m so glad we popped in.

The Paris Theatre is a little New York gem and is the oldest continuously operating art house in America (over 60 years old). You may remember it from the Sex and the City episode when Carrie has a date with her city. She muses “the most amazing thing about living in a city like New York is that any night of the week you can go to Paris.”

Old-school with a smidge of glamour, there is only one screen at The Paris. And there’s a balcony, which was such treat to have all to ourselves. I loved it. Even if I would have hated the movie (which I did not), the atmosphere and experience would have made up for it. And what better place to see a film on the life of Coco Chanel than at The Paris?

If you’re in New York, skip on over to The Paris for a rendezvous with Coco.

The Paris Theatre is located right across from The Plaza, just west of Fifth Avenue.

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