woman in bedroom with flamingo walls

Dirty Little Secrets from the Bedroom

I’ve shared our Beverly Hills Home Tour and How To Pick the Perfect White Paint. Now — deep breath — I’d like to share dirty little secrets from the bedroom. Mom, don’t read this!

bedroom with falmingo walls and pink and white pillows

I’m not sure if you would believe me when I tell you what this room used to look like. And I’m too embarrassed to show you. I’m also not sure I took a picture because why on God’s earth would I photograph THAT? But let me paint a picture…

falmingo walls in bedroom and pink and white pillows

There was no bed. The mattress was on the floor. The floor was covered with piles of magazines, mail, partially opened boxes, and clothes. Shoes — so many shoes — that didn’t fit in the closet. And the top of the dresser was more like a dumpster for anything I was too lazy to figure out where to put. It was, in a nutshell, a hot mess. Sorry, Mom! (My Mom puts Martha Stewart to shame when it comes to cleanliness and organization…two traits I did NOT inherit, much to Fred Baby’s chagrin. Oh, and remind me to tell you the story of my Mom and Dad’s French maid one of these days…it’s a doozy!)

bed, night stand, and walls with flamingo wall paper

But finally, finally we got our act together. Nothing drives a girl to get ‘er done like a deadline and mine was knowing our place was going to be photographed for Glitter Guide.

woman sitting on a bed and holding a pillow

So, after more than a year of sleeping on the floor, college-style, we finally decided on a bed (this one). Next, we upgraded our bedding to The Linden Coral Border duvet and shams from Crane & Canopy. Polished and peppy, our bedding makes me smile every time I see it.

bed with pillows, flower, and magazine


I accessorized with a few more pillows from Caitlin Wilson, whose patterns and colors I adore. They’re so happy and vibrant.


Then, we painted the walls white (see the color I used here) which made everything feel fresh and clean. But a little something was missing…


Which is where these flamingo wall decals came in. The moment I spotted them, I knew I HAD to have them or life wouldn’t be worth living. Fred Baby, on the other hand, wasn’t so convinced, but I said in my best used car salesmen voice, “Trust me” and he did (or at least he knew not to fight me when it came to mingos).

Flamingo wall decals in Kelly Golightly's bedroom

And now he actually likes our feathered friends! I love that our flock coordinates nicely with the coral trim on the bedding. Plus, since our home in LA is a rental, and the flamingos are basically giant stickers, it’s easier to deal with than wallpaper. I was able to hang them in under 30 minutes by myself. #hero You can get them here.

drawers with books and magazines and a photo

 The last step was clearing off our dresser and styling it up with a large photo Fred Baby snapped of the Italian Coast.

hat on top of books and magazines

We went from hoarders-who-need-help to hotel-chic and now it’s a room we look forward to being in. And that I’m not ashamed to show my Mom.

Do you have any dirty little secrets from the bedroom that you’d like to get off of your chest? Go on, I’m listening…


Bed: One King’s LaneBedding: Crane & Canopy | Flamingo wall decals: Urban Walls | Pillows: Caitlin Wilson Design (navy fleur chinoise + pink city maze) | Art: Fred Moser Amalfi Coast print + Lulu & Georgia palm print | Paint: Farrow & Ball All White No. 2005 | Tray: cb2


 Photos by Fred Moser

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