Looking for unique Halloween decorations? See how I used inflatable gummy bears and lollipop pool floats to create Candy Land in our Palm Springs pool!



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Unique Halloween Decorations Inspired by Candy Land


Normally, I totally miss the ball on Halloween and only decorate for Christmas. But seeing as 2020 is no regular year, I am for ANY reason to celebrate.

That said, typical Halloween decor doesn’t speak to me much here in Palm Springs. So I got to thinking about my previous Palm Springs-inspired Christmas decor and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do: Candy Land in the pool!

Check out my unique Halloween decorations, including these inflatable gummy bears that just beckoned to re-create Poolside Gossip (sorry, couldn’t resist!).


Colorful, Cute Halloween Decorations: Candy Pool Floats & Inflatables!


There are two types of people: those into spooky Halloween decorations (skeletons, bats, cobwebs, oh my) and those who are into cutesy Halloween decorations (that’s clearly me; current reality is scary enough, if you ask me!).

So I got to thinking about the best part of Halloween — CANDY — and let that guide my decor.

And, as you know, I have this thing for pool floats, so I got to googling candy pool floats…and this was the result!

I used lollipop pool floats, candy pool floats, inflatable gummy bears and more.


Inflatable Gummy Bears


The inflatable gummy bears are probably my favorite. They’re just so cute and pretty affordable too.

Fred Baby had the idea of putting the bears (da bears!) on the couch, watching TV, etc. Which got the wheels spinning…

That then lead to the bears lounging on the pool chaises, which of course, turned into Poolside Gossip…bear style! Bearside Gossip? All ears on a name for that photo. Haha.

And yes, they are drinking honey-infused martinis. Wink, wink.


DIY Googly Eye Balls


There are also two other kinds of people: those who DIY and those who don’t. I’m more in the second camp.

But I had this idea to use two white beach balls and put giant googly eyes on them. That actually worked out very well! You could probably also use a black marker to draw on eyes if you wanted.

But the extent of my DIYing is blowing up pool floats. Somehow doing that for two hours doesn’t bother me one bit. Haha.

Pro tip: Definitely get yourself an electric air pump to blow up your floats and don’t rely on your lung power, as we have done in the past in freezing snow and on hot private islands (the things we’ve done!!).


What Do You Think?

Would you want to re-create this in your pool or backyard?

I love how colorful and cheerful it is!

Tomorrow, I’ll add some striped candy pool floats by the front door, similar to what I did here!


No Pool? No Problem!


If you don’t have a pool, fear not. You can still use pool floats and inflatables to have some fun. This giant inflatable pumpkin and the inflatable gummy bears both have loops at the top, which would make it easy to string them up on a tree or by your front door or even inside your house. I’ve even seen people adhere pool floats to walls for parties (maybe using some strong masking tape?). That would work best with inflatables like these neon tubes which look like giant Life Savers or these candy floats. The options are endless…

It just felt really good to do something creative and not be staring at a screen. Feel me?


Have You Decorated For Halloween?


It’s not too late! Since I snagged most of my pool floats on Amazon, you could still get them in time for Halloween.

Note: A heads up that the giant lollipop pool float sadly has the warnings/instructions printed on the front of the lollipop handle, so I photoshopped it out. Why do they do that?!


PHOTOS by Kelly Golightly + Fred Baby




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