gold door know for one room challenge week three

It’s Week 3 of the One Room Challenge (see Week 1 + Week 2) and I’m SO excited to report that significant strides have been made. We’ve got paint, wallpaper, crown molding, trim, baseboards, carpet, lighting and doors! And it already looks like a TOTALLY different room. Come on in and take a peek!

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One Room Challenge Week 3: Progress Pics + Paint + Wallpaper!


SEE! I wasn’t kidding! If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been designing a la distance. My niece’s room is in Texas, but I live in California. So everything so far has been done from afar and with the help of my family in Texas and their contractor.

While I’ve felt confident in my decisions, you just never know with design and when you’re not there to oversee things in person, so when my sister sent me these iPhone pics last night, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Doesn’t it look so good?!

Here are the BEFORE PICS

untreated window for one room challenge week three


 I think people often underestimate the power of paint. Paint is your BFF! While I’m a bonafide color lover, my favorite color to paint walls is actually white. Yes, white!

My friend and fellow blogger, Nicole Gibbons, recently launched the MOST GENIUS paint company called Clare.

Instead of getting multiple sample pots of paint to put up samples (messy), they offer what is essentially a sticker of the color instead. A nice large sticker you can put up to see how the color looks on your walls at different times of day, to see how it changes in the light. Just peel and stick. Brilliant, right?!

They also offer curated colors, which made picking out the perfect white a cinch.

two windows in a bedroom for one room challenge week three


For the walls, we got rid of the baby pink and put a pretty warm white paint called Whipped on the walls.

For all of the new baseboards, trim and crown molding by Metrie, we painted a cooler, crisper white called Fresh Kicks.

 For the ceilings, we used Clare’s Ceiling Paint in Flat White.

I wanted a slight difference in white hues between the walls, ceiling and moldings so that the moldings would stand out, but not so much so that it might make the ceilings feel lower.

window in a bedroom


Can you believe the difference the paint and moldings made? We now have a beautiful blank space to work with and the crown molding, baseboards and trim really elevated the room.

TBH, I was torn on whether or not to add crown molding. The ceilings are just under 8 feet, so I was worried that adding crown molding might make the ceilings feel lower, but it doesn’t at all. In fact, it seems to trick the eye upward + feels much more luxe now.

You could go either way of course — the rooms in our Palm Springs house don’t have crown molding, but our house is much more modern so that makes sense. My niece’s house is much more traditional, so the crown molding works. And I think using varying shades of white worked well. Not too much contrast, but just enough to you can see the beauty of the moldings, plus add architectural interest to the room.

All the moldings are by Metrie.


TRIMCFC1C1PMD | MDF | CASING | 1″ x 2 3/4″

MOLDINGFrench Curves Scene I MDF Crown | 3/ 4″ x 5 1/4

chandelier in a room


Now can we talk about those lights?!


You may recall in the BEFORE PICS that there was a brown ceiling fan with lights. I wanted to give Kaylee much more light in this room, but also give her her much wanted ceiling fan.

empty bedroom


We added four recessed lights to the ceiling, plus one in the closet, which makes a HUGE difference. They’re all Wifi-enable too, so she can control the lights from her phone (and Alexa should Santa bring her one for Christmas, wink wink).

We also swapped out the old fan for this modern white ceiling fan from Lamps Plus. So much better right? Sleek, clean, minimal….

Of course, my favorite lighting addition is this glam staggered pink chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting. Come to mama! She’ll be hanging over the vanity soon.


aqua door


While I love a blank white slate to work with and to make a room feel fresh, I like to add a surprise pop of color and pattern somewhere.

So we painted Kaylee’s bedroom door this Tiffany blue hue.

The gorgeous gold door knob is by Emtek. It’s called the Freestone Knob in Satin Brass Finish. The brass plate is the Brass Urban Modern Rosette.

The door itself my Mom saw on the NextDoor app. A woman was selling a few extra doors she had and this one just happened to be the perfect size and was only $25 — score!


leaf painted closet


Now let’s take a look at the closet, shall we?

THAT wallpaper!!!! It’s Poppytalk’s Tropicale from Milton & King. You can’t have a Golightly room without a palm print, can you?!

I’m SO happy with how that turned out. Remember the before? What a difference.

You may recall the closet had no doors before, so I found these mirrored bi-fold doors and had them painted white.


leaf painted closet for one room challenge week three


Finally, let’s talk flooring! The carpet before was old and stained, so we upgraded to this beautiful plush cream carpet.

What do you think?

I kind of can’t believe it’s the same room as the room from this post!

The best news (for me) is that I finally arrive in San Antonio this afternoon so will get to see the room in person and get down to the business of installing furniture, the closet, window treatments, art and accessories and styling it all up.

Cross your fingers everything arrives in time and fits!

I’ll be sure to share on InstaStories, so be sure to follow along there!

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