Greetings and style salutations from the road, cupcakes.
What an adventure it has been so far. If you’re like me, it’s easy to think of other countries as being more fabulous destinations to visit. And while they may be more exotic due to the unfamiliarity, sometimes it’s what we discover in our own backyards that is most surprising.
I’ll save the kum bay yahs for the glamp fire, but America truly is beautiful. And I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it from the road this past week, traveling from San Francisco to Yosemite to Death Valley to Las Vegas to The Painted Desert of Arizona and beyond. And will be doing so for the next few weeks (New Mexico and Texas, here I come!).
My personal pledge? To not look like an American tourist (i.e., to not wear my clunky gym tennis, shorts and printed t-shirts). Why is it that we all seem to fall into this rut when we travel? Would I be able to overcome the comfort food of fashion and still be comfortable?
Well, I’m no Audrey Hepburn or Kelly Wearstler (my style idols), but at least I didn’t make myself squirm too much when looking back at photos.
Here’s hoping I can keep it up! If you’d like to check out my Style On the Road blog and find out what to wear and what not to wear when it’s 124 degrees, click here.
More adventures from the road next week. Until then, I hope you’re soaking up summer and style and having fun playing dress up from your own backyards.
kellygolightly xx,


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