What a week, cupcakes. The hubby and I literally moved out of our San Francisco flat last night, after packing all day and night Tuesday into the morning on Wednesday (until 7am to be exact), only to be greeted by the movers after a two-hour cat nap at 9am — movers who would literally move our entire lives into storage.
We’re now resting and reviving at the Cedar House in Lake Tahoe on a roadtrip to Georgia, via Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Tennessee, with only a few suitcases to show for ourselves and undoubtedly lots of unforeseen adventures ahead.
The highlight of the moving process, aside from when it was finally, actually over? Sitting in a completely empty apartment, aside from a hole-ridden air mattress which was acting as our dining table and chairs, trying to navigate eating lunch and not spilling hot soup and cold water all over ourselves, and hearing my normally unmaterialistic husband say I know a person doesn’t need things, but having nothing makes you realize having some things is nice.
For someone like me who has a great appreciation for things and enjoys posting them here daily, this was music to my ears. Just as long as they are things you love and make your life better, rather than things for the sake of having them or just cluttering up precious space in your home, or mind, or suitcase.
Traveling for six months with only carry-on baggage makes a girl realize how precious space is and which things are really important. Turns out it’s not the accessories, that LBD or second pair of ballet flats — just in case, but the person sitting next to you that matters most.
Speaking of, we’re off to Salt Lake City now and will be posting photos and updates from the road.
Big Love,


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