You’re a girl on the go. A jetsetter. A super mom. A socialista with a cocktail in one hand and a cupcake in the other.
In short, you need both of your perfectly imperfectly manicured hands. And you need things that are versatile.
Which is why we think this leatha bag is brilliant.
It works for you, instead of against you (like all of those super-heavy overpriced designer “It” bags that only cause you years of back pain — not chic!).
The adjustable strap can be worn across the body, on the shoulder or at the waist as a belt, which we love for traveling when we wanna look more like the original boho Sienna Miller and less like a fannypack-toting tourist.
There’s enough room for all the essentials, plus a little left over too.
And, best of all, it’s marked down from $68 to less than $10, so you’ll have plenty of change leftover for more on-the-go pursuits.
Where to snag it?
Right here!

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