When I wrote about our upcoming mini-move to Austin, I alluded to some additional even more exciting news… I’m SO thrilled to share with you…finally: We’re having a…

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Pink Team Coco Tshirt: Amazon | Banana Leaf Bodysuit Onesie: PatPat | Lemon-Print Onesie: PatPat | Flamingo-Print Baby Outfit: PatPat


My sister is pregnant! It’s been a big wonderful surprise for the entire family and I can’t believe I get to be the auntie to a precious little baby again.

And Kaylee, my darling niece, can’t wait to be a BIG SISTER!!!

She’s 13 years old and has lived life mostly as an only child but has always wanted a little brother or sister (a sister, if we’re being totally honest, haha).

And you may have guessed from these photos that she’s getting a little sister!

A little sister whose nickname will be Coco.

We are all over the moon! I’ve adored getting to be an aunt to Kaylee and anyone with kiddos in their lives knows it goes by so fast. Too fast.

You become quite nostalgic for those baby days. And since Fred Baby and I aren’t planning on having kids of our own, it seemed that those days were over.

I’m not one to throw the word blessing around often but let’s just say we are feeling hashtag blessed.

The mini-move to Austin could not have come at a better time.

I had been itching to spend more time in Texas to be there for my sister’s pregnancy, and to help with her baby shower, and design the baby’s nursery (along with help from Kaylee and my mom). And then to be there when the baby is born, of course.

So when this opportunity presented itself, it was like a giant gift from the universe.

Thank you, Universe!


I’m so excited to finally be able to share this news with all of YOU!

My sister and her husband had only shared it with a small group of family and friends, and just made it Facebook official yesterday. SO things are feeling really real all of a sudden. In the best way.

Baby is due in February, so we’ll be getting down to business on the nursery front soon. Thrilled to share that with you!

In the meantime, as you can see, I have already been shopping for Coco’s wardrobe. Aren’t these little baby clothes the cutest? Banana leaf bodysuit onesie anyone?

I linked everything below, including our Team Coco tshirts.

Kaylee and her Dad came up with the name very early on (actually a different name, Coco is the nickname). We’ll share her full name another time. But Fred Baby and I wanted to get everyone in the family a little something to celebrate the news. And Fred Baby thought of these Team Coco tshirts.

If you’re a Conan O’Brien fan, you get it. But even if you’re not and you’re looking to do something similar, you could always get tshirts made with baby’s name on them.

Ahhh…. Okay, back to pinning Nursery inspo on Pinterest.

If you have any tips, insight etc. when it comes to all things baby, please feel free to share. It’s been 13 years since Kaylee was a bebe and so much has changed. And there are SO many cute things out there. My wallet is a trouble.

Thanks so much for reading + I can’t wait to share more of this adventure with you xo!

p.s. Odee is clearly excited about the news too. Don’t worry Odee, you will always be our baby.









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