You guys, our baby girl Odee turned 1 last Friday! So we celebrated with a little barkday party over the weekend. Here are photos, if you’d like to see… Plus, I’m sharing where I got all of her birthday presents and party decor!

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I’m pretty sure Odee’s love language is gifts. She LOVES toys. Like a lot. Which is SO cute.

Our First Birthday Party for Our Puppy Girl Odee Golightly! | Kelly Golightly

And she loves OPENING presents too, as in she knows to pick them up off the table and unwrap them. She’s a girl after my own heart!

Everything I got her, which you see here, is from BarkShop.

I love that the toys are super cute and well-designed.

Odee loves them so much because most of the toys are crinkle toys, so they are filled with crinkly something or other that makes a satisfying noise when she chews on them.

And Odee LOVES to chew.

Actually, chewing might be her love language. 😉

In addition to this Happy Barkday banner

And her “birthday cake“…

And candle…and balloons…and roses

I had to get her this birthday party hat!

You can see she REALLY wanted to wear it. 😉

This was about as close as we got to having her wear it…

Before she decided to just chew on it instead, which is totally fine, as it’s a crinkly toy too!

I also did get her a few things from Amazon, like this, this, this and this which she loves. But she REALLY loves this glow-in-the-dark ball!

So tell me: Do you throw your fur babies birthday parties too?

Do you have a favorite “spot” you like to get your puppy toys and presents?

Let me know — I’m always on the lookout and she’s about due for a new collar.

Happy birthday my sweet Odee bear!


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