Go behind the new PINK DOOR in Palm Springs with Kelly Golightly!

It’s no secret we love our pink doors here in Palm Springs, so today I’m excited to share some new ones –and take you on a tour behind them! In honor of PS I LOVE PINK WEEK, there are lots of pops of pink to be had too. Are you ready for a tour of Estrella House? Right this way…

Designed by DeeAnn McCoy and Jackie Thomas of Thomboy Properties, they transformed this 1974 Hal Lacy house into a Moroccan Modern paradise, which is also a showcase house during Modernism Week this year. You can get your tickets here to see it in person this February!

 I just love this mix of hues in the dining room. That emerald green walled paired the large-scale pink graphic art is perfection.

Midcentury glass collection in Palm Springs

Not to mention this collection of mid-century glass. Come to mama!

Totes digging that chandelier too!

 Isn’t it amazing how much impact much color can have in a space?

Moving along from the stunning dining room…

Here you can see the other side of those pink doors!

While my natural inclination would have been to have them be the same color pink as on the outside, I really like how they toned it down with this lovely grey.

BTW, the doors were original to the house! They were given new life with Dunn-Edwards paint.

Here, you see the groovy bar.

Such a fun spot for entertaining!

Now prepare yourself for this feast for the eyes — the living room!

Love the natural light and, of course, that Moroccan wedding blanket.

I just love how cozy yet glamorous this room is.

And those accessories! Spot the Batman?

I love design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And I also love how the starbursts above the fireplace add dimension to the space.

Okay, now let’s peek into the den, shall we?

Glamorous and cozy den in Palm Springs. | KELLY GOLIGHTLY #modernismweek #modernism #midcentury #midmod #midcenturymodern

Gotta love those pops of pink!

Go Behind The New Pink Door: Tour a Colorful Mid-Century Modern House in Palm Springs | Photos by Fred Moser for Kelly Golightly

Speaking of, how fabulous is this powder room?

And this vibrant sitting area off of the guest room? You can’t NOT be happy in this room!

How to do pink right in an adult bedroom. | KELLY GOLIGHTLY

 The master bedroom serves up some soft shades of pink that I am totally on board for. You too? And that brass canopy bed! GAH!

Of course, in Palm Springs, it’s the indoor/outdoor living that is so appealing.

And with a yard like this, who wouldn’t be outside every day?

Kelly Golightly's Palm Springs: Go Behind the New Pink Door!

Here I am trying it on for size. Yes, a girl could get used to this…


You can get tickets to see the house in person here.

Beautiful pink doors in Palm Springs | KELLY GOLIGHTLY

And I’ve linked to how to get the look below!

Note: There is SO much more of this house to see that I didn’t even include yet, such as the kitchen, master bath, guest bedrooms. I didn’t want you to OD on all the eye candy at once….

Pools of Palm Springs | KELLY GOLIGHTLY

Hope you enjoyed!

Do you have a favorite room or element in this house?

Let me know in the comments and, as always, thank you so much for stopping by!

p.s. We just found out that Fred Baby’s photos of this house made the cover of Interiors Magazine, which you can see here.

Follow Fred Baby on Instagram for more eye candy!

Fred Moser Photography / Design by Thomboy Properties


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