So when I was living in LA, I became utterly and completely addicted to the white stuff, as so many people do in the City of Angels. When I was consuming it, it made me feel so good — happy, alive, free. It was the best high of my life. But when I’d come down from that high, I was groggy, tired all the time and uncontrollably irritable. That’s right, sugar was ruining my life.
After going cold turkey, I was a changed woman. I was mentally stable (not an easy feat in LA!), able to focus again and not tired all the time. I was sugar-free. It only took about a week to kick the habit, but it was a week of pure hell. My family wasn’t very supportive either (they’re wretched sugar addicts themselves and couldn’t comprehend why I was leaving the cult. What was wrong with their baby?!), but my boyfriend was all for it. My poor friends put up with these withdrawals like real troopers — tempting me with sweet treats left and right, of course. Thanks guys.
But once that initial week was up, my life became so much easier. And oddly enough, once you’re off for a few weeks, you don’t even crave it. I was able to fall asleep and wake up at normal times, make it through the day without having any breakdowns, and food tasted so much richer. If I had a tiny bite of something with sugar in it, it tasted horrible — just too much for my tastebuds.
But did I stick to my sugar-free ways? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not sure how exactly I got back to where I am now, which is to say completely and utterly at the White God’s mercy again. Was it when I moved back to Texas and started visiting my family more often? “Have some cake, honey.” “Who wants a sundae?!” “Cotton candy, anyone?” It’s hard to point fingers, as it’s a slippery slope really.
But all I know is that over the last two weeks, I’ve had one to two bowls of ice cream a day. So what if I’m lactose intolerant. I will not tolerate limits!!! At first, these bowls were by choice. With the wonderful Texas weather, my allergies were killing my throat and I craved the soothing cold relief that Breyers Neoploitan offered. But slowly and surely it spiraled out of control. I bought waffle bowls, hot fudge and after two weeks of searching, chocolate sprinkles. The sad part is, it’s all I can think about. I won’t even be done with dinner yet and I’m thinking about my next fix.
And even more interesting, or frightening depending on how you view it, is that I’m also drawn to (re: obsessed with) neopolitan colors. Pink, brown and white look so pretty together. In fact, the new pants I’m wearing as I type this are indeed pink, brown and white stripes. I’m so yummy!!! When I paint, those are the colors I’m using. When I shop for the DailyBuss, I get so giddy over products like Cocktail Candy, Strawberry Milkshake Body Wash and Sugar Daddy lip gloss. Quite frankly, I need help.
But I don

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