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My darlings, have I properly introduced you to the Jesus Year Project by my friend, writer and explorer Jenny Sundel? Your Jesus Year, if you’re not familiar, is your 33rd year of life — a time to discover and do whatever it is that you’ve been dying to do your whole life. And my friend Jenny decided to bid adieu to her life of interviewing A-List celebrities in LA and to instead say bonjour Paree by up and moving to Le City of Lights for her Jesus Year. You can follow along on her adventures at Jesus Year Project and I have no doubt that soon you’ll be reading the book and then watching the movie and chatting about which you preferred more (I hope to play the friend that selflessly encourages Jenny to move from LA, even though she’ll miss her dearly. Natalie Portman will do a fine job).


antelope valley poppy fields; antelope valley poppy reserve


But until then, pop on over to read my guest post about MY Jesus Year List: My Top 10 Goals for My 33rd Year (which I just entered into last month!). This weekend, I tried accomplishing #3: Frolic in the poppy fields of Antelope Valley, but instead of looking like the photo above, it looked like this:


Oh, poppycock.


Guess the season is over! Despite the severe lack of poppies, which resulted in an endless stream of poppy jokes and alliteration (oh poppycock, the poppy population is poopy), we still had an amazing roadtrip filled with unexpected magical moments.


A little reminder that love is everywhere. You just have to look.


Which in the end, lists aside, is really what it’s all about, isn’t it?


I love ewe.


the painted turtle; meatloaf's charity the painted turtle

Stumbling upon Meatloaf’s charity The Painted Turtle in the middle of nowhere.


reagan presidentail library

Soaring above Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA.


How do you feel about writing down goals and making lists? Is it the only way to get things done or a recipe for feeling guilty for what you don’t accomplish? Making lists: Is it a must or a miss?



p.s. Just spotted this great quote: “If we’re free to dare — and we are — if we’re free to give — and we are — then we’re free to shape the future and have within our grasp all that we dream the future will be.” — Ronald Reagan


[Second photo by Amanda Friedman via Oh Joy!; All others by kellygolightly]

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