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If I told you how long I’ve been searching for new underwear, you would likely gasp. But good news — I FINALLY found the perfect pair! If you’re sensitive like me, I think you’ll love them too. Bonus: They’re on sale!

Due to my health issues, my hips are really sensitive. Since changing my diet and getting autoimmune flare-ups under control, most of the time, my hips don’t hurt anymore. But there are days when I wear certain pairs of underwear and then go to take them off at night for a bath and it’s that same feeling of taking your bra off at the end of the day  — instant relief.

I just can’t stand anything squeezing me like elastic or spandex. Interestingly, my niece is the same, but apparently she remedies this by just wearing underwear that’s too big – haha.

I had my favorite pair from Victoria’s Secret, but when I went online to order more, they were no longer! They were the seamless bikini ones from the Intimissimi line.

So, I’ve been on the hunt ever since…

While shopping the Nordstrom Sale last week, I saw some that looked promising and ordered a pair to test them out.

Hallelujah – they fit the bill!

Super simple everyday bikini-cut underwear by Madewell.

And even better, they’re currently on sale (4 for $30) during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (public access starts on Friday).

Fred Baby told me to order 20 pairs (think he’s tired of hearing me talk about it?) and while I didn’t quite go that far, I did order 16.

In case you’re in the market and are super sensitive like I am, you can find the perfect underwear here.

What are your favorite everyday skivvies?

p.s. I got a size small.

UPDATE: I just realized Intimissimi has their own site (apparently they are the Victoria’s Secret of Italy) and found my original favorite underwear there! And they’re also on sale! Best day ever! Haha. And yes, I’m ordering a bunch as well!

Um, I just read that Intimissimi sold their underwear at Victoria’s Secret from 2007-2010. Is it possible that my underwear are EIGHT years old? If so, they’ve held up amazingly well. I still wear them, just needed more of them!

You can use code WELCOME17 for 10% off!

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