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My dears, I’d love to share a few scenes from my birthday soiree with you, starting with the infamous Oreo cake. Thank you Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey for this brilliant idea. It was a huge hit. It took about an hour or so to build and I had fun eating the cracked Oreo remains that didn’t quite make the cut. Trivia: Can you guess how many Oreos were used? (I’ll reveal the answer in the comments, after you’ve had a chance to comment and guess…) I loved the excuse to finally buy a cute cake stand. This scalloped little lady is from Crate & Barrel. I also loved these striped straws with mustaches, as did our guests.


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We went with an adult lemonade stand theme and served Vodka Lemonade Mojitos, as well as Mexican Martinis, both of which we could prepare ahead of time and were readily available in pitchers and punch bowls, along with ice, so guests could easily help themselves throughout the night. Virgin iced tea and lemonade were also on hand for those who desired less lethal options.


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A full bar was also set-up if anyone wanted to get creative. Bite-sized nibbles included roast beef sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, prosciutto-wrapped bocconcini and caprese bites, as well as crudites and a cheese board. We turned our dining room table into a ping pong table, anticipating that we would play after some food and drinks, but we totally forgot to take the food away (oops, next time!).


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In addition to the Oreo cake, we also sprinkled bite-size sweets around, including meringue in retro sundae dishes, candy cigarettes in silver bowls and mini cupcakes on sticks (via Sweet Paul magazine).


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I couldn’t resist getting a zebra pinata and, yes, I did let him borrow my Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask. He was far too cute to even consider smashing, so he proudly still hangs in our dining room. Speaking of dining room, you can see a peek of the polka dots I put up (thanks to Joy!). For the festivities, I wore my new watercolor print Wren dress that I scooped up at Lucky Shops LA.


oreo cake; mini cupcakes on a stick from sweet paul magazine


As Happy Birthday was being sung, I couldn’t help from feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. It was such a joy to be surrounded by such talented, sweet and generous friends, new and old. My amazing foodie friend Rebecca even surprised me by making the most delicious tiramisu I’ve ever had. After blowing out the candle, we gobbled it up, along with Oreos and milk in shot glasses (secret: one of the milk bottles may have been accented with Kahlua and Baileys). We also created a DIY photo booth in our hallway, which provided endless entertainment and helped to insure that we got pictures of all of our guests. I highly recommend it!


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To protect the innocent, I’ve only included our photos here (what happens at Casa K+k stays at Casa K+k). Well, mostly just pictures of us. Some guests surprised us by utilizing props found in other parts of the house (these masks hang in our living room behind the couch), so it was a hoot to download photos the next day. We posted the pictures on Facebook for our friends to enjoy (we took the photos in color with our Canon D5, along with the help of a remote shutter release, and then used Picasa to change them to sepia, which gave them a fun vintage feel).  Thank you to everyone who came out to help me celebrate and thank you, dear readers, for letting me share xx!

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