Hello friends! What are you up to this weekend? Our plans + photos from a fun place to see in Joshua Tree — Monument House. And 5 Fun Things to See & Do in Joshua Tree!



What Is Monument House?

Monument House is a cool, colorful, cubist house in the high desert near Joshua Tree, California.

Designed by architect Josh Schweitzer in 1990, it’s often called Schweitzer House or The Monument, according to Wikipedia at least.

I first saw Monument House over on Bri’s feed a month ago.

A few weeks later, we were taking a drive through Joshua Tree and I remembered the colorful building.

It seems it was built as a vacation house for friends and family, but I’m not sure if it’s inhabited or not.

Bri and Erika both posted pictures from “inside Monument House” but we kept our distance just in case.

You can see more photos of Monument House here.



Where Is Monument House?

It ended up being very close to the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, in a neighborhood called Monument Manor, so it’s an easy drive-by if you’re near the park.


It is a PRIVATE residence that will be available as a vacation rental soon through my friends at Homestead Modern, so please refrain from approaching the house itself. And get excited that soon you can rent this house for yourself!


Favorite Things To See & Do in Joshua Tree

I love quirky things to see and do in the high desert and Joshua Tree area!

You too?

Do you have any favorite things to see and do in Joshua Tree and the high desert, other than Joshua Tree National Park, which is incredible? I’d love to hear them. It looks like we’ll be out there again next weekend…

A few of my favorite things to see and do in Joshua Tree are below…


5 Favorite Things To See & Do in Joshua Tree

1. Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown

 2. Rock Reach House (more here, here, here, + here, here, here –omg remember hipstamatic?!?)

 3. Homestead Modern (also here+ here)

4. Mojave Sands

5. The 29 Palms Inn

I still need to get out to Integratron sometime soon…

Have you been?

Here’s to the weird and unexpected!

Our Weekend Plans

This weekend, I’m looking forward to catching up with lots of friends before we head out on our Austin mini-move.

Sal, Sydne, Sheryl & Reuben will all be in town!

The pool is heating and I couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s hoping you have some sunny, quirky adventures ahead of you with those you love xo!




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