Miss NiNi's 4-in-1 Cheesecake

Miss NiNi’s 4-in-1 Cheesecake

Remember the Friends episode, The One With All the Cheesecakes, where Chandler “accidentally” eats the cheesecake that was supposed to be delivered to the neighbor? And then he convinces Rachel, who says she’s not a big cheesecake person, to take a bite? And she instantly becomes addicted? Well, consider me Rachel. {Which is probably as close as I’ll ever get to Jennifer Aniston. And you’re welcome, Dad, for working Jennifer Aniston into this blog post. He’s kind of a fan. Understatement of the year. And it’s his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!}

Except in this scenario, I didn’t have to accidentally steal anyone’s cheesecake, as I was generously offered a cake to taste-test by Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts.

top view of Miss NiNi's 4-in-1 Cheesecake


How fab indeed! But, what flavor to choose? Always a predicament, non? Well, the genius part is that with Miss NiNi’s you don’t have to. Instead of just selecting one flavor for a whole cake, you can choose up to four. {Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner?} So perfect for the indecisive and the sweet tooths alike.

dessertperson about to slice Miss NiNi's 4-in-1 Cheesecake

But, as excited as I was to taste-test my own 4-in-1 cheesecake, I was also a little hesitant. Ordering a cheesecake online seemed, well, like it could be rife with problems. Particularly in Palm Springs. Won’t it melt? Will it taste fresh?

I’m happy to report that not only was it a successful delivery (in no small part to dry ice and great customer service from the Iowa-based bakery), but the cheesecake was absolutely delicious.

miss nini's fine desserts

It arrived frozen last Wednesday {which in 105 degree temps is saying a lot} and we somehow managed to hold ourselves back from eating it that day. We had overnight guests coming on Saturday, so pulled it out from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator on Saturday afternoon. After our pool party festivities, we pulled it out for our Clueless slumber party with Sydne, Devon and Kristen later that night. And it was dee-vine. But the best part is, it’s gotten better each day. The Caramel Chocolate Chunk was my favorite. Fred Baby loves the Best of the Best Lemon. And we wouldn’t kick the Italian Tiramisu and Velvet Fudge out of bed either.

So if you’re in need of a lovely thank-you or hostess gift that goes beyond the bottle of wine (it’s nice to bring something to those BBQs and weekends away you’re invited to this summer), Miss NiNi’s is a delicious and fun option.

The question: Which flavors would you choose?

See all the flavors and shop Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts here.

What I’m Eating:

4-in-1cheesecake c/o Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts

 Lemonwood plates c/o MADHOUSE by Michael Aram

[Photos by Fred Baby]

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