I’ve got interior design on the brain in a major way. Once you start, you just can’t stop. Know what I mean? And we’ve finally got momentum! Thanks to your input on Instagram yesterday, we ended up ordering the Brixton Credenza from Room Service. We’re so excited to be the proud parents of this baby in 6-8 weeks. Now that that’s settled, we’re in cocktail table mode. Or coffee table, if you prefer. I don’t because I don’t drink coffee (besides if I did, it would be in bed, not in the living room… I am a lady after all!). But, I do enjoy a good cocktail from time to time. Mmmm, cocktails… Oh right, where were we?

Oh yes, let’s talk cocktail tables, shall we?


We actually bought a pretty cocktail table over the weekend, a ravishing rectangle of white lacquer atop slim silver legs. A beauty, to be sure. We were to pick her up today…But then we watched Fashion Police last night and everything changed. Here’s why:


Gorgeous, I know. I love the entire Jonathan Adler-designed Fashion Police set. Glamorous, cheeky and happy-chicy, what’s not to love? I’ve had my eye on that rug for months now, but the cocktail table actually caught Fred Baby’s eye. And once it did, we were both sold. From the beginning, I said I wanted a round cocktail table for Casa Palm Springs. I imagine sitting languidly around it in my muumuu sipping martinis and popping bonbons with Don Draper. Call me, Don! And, marble is way better suited to our less-than-careful ways than white lacquer. But beauty comes at a price…

A $1500 price tag to be exact. Which, unlike these chicken enchiladas suizas staring me in the face, is hard to swallow. Luckily, there’s a more affordable option.


A mere $329 at CB2. She’s pretty too…unless you stand her next to Jonathan Adler’s Nixon cocktail table. It’s like putting Julie Bowen next to Sofia Vergara. She never stood a chance.


I jest, I jest. But, the question: Which would you pick? Splurge or save?

One thing I’ve learned from my interior design clients is that in the end, they always pick the more expensive option (which is normally the one that makes their heart sing). It takes months and months and months to come to that decision, but it’s inevitable: They always choose Sofia. Which is awesome, but also leaves me feeling like Couldn’t we have decided that a year ago?

Knowing that we’re probably no different, I’m leaning towards the splurge. However, the Nixon table on the JA site looks different from the one on the set of Fashion Police (it’s lacquer, not marble, so it may be a custom order…). Speaking of custom orders, Room Service can make anything you want. So perhaps, it’s time to give them a ring. Or, there’s always this beauty too:


Those legs! Hubba, hubba.

Which one would you pick?


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