‘Tis the season for major stress and freakouts, which  is why I thought, for today, we would just sit back and enjoy a little eye candy. Beginning with Clooney. More like Swoony. So dapper. So divine. I’m expecting my invitation to spend the holidays at Georgie’s Lake Como estate any minute now! (p.s. He loves when I call him Georgie.)



Ryan kept me company on my flight from New York back to LA last night (along with Steve and Emma). When he took off his shirt, I had to tell him to save the goods for when we’re alone. Ryan, you just can’t take him anywhere! (p.s. I’m 99% sure I saw Mr. Gosling exiting Cecconi’s a few weeks ago. And yes, I swooned like a schoolgirl.)




Oh Matthew Bomer, you make glasses look good.



Colin, I’m sorry for chasing you down at the Four Seasons last year, shouting “Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy!” It was cold and rainy and I may have had one too many free cocktails, but can we just move past that? I miss you xx…


Hope you enjoyed today’s installment of eye candy! I’d love to know: Who makes you feel like you don’t have a care in the world?


p.s. Of course, my favorite man candy is my darling hubs, but he wouldn’t let me use his photo (what a diva!).




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