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OMG, life seems crazy, am I right? Anything I can do to simplify so that things run more smoothly, I’m in. So when Samsung invited me to be one of the first people to try out their new SmartThings Wifi, I was like SIGN ME UP. Here’s why I love it and why I think you will too — and what it looks like in our home!

Beware: Cute pictures of Odee ahead…

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Are you online all the time? Me too. From running Kelly Golightly to shopping for WAY too many toys for Odee to looking up how to renovate Sally Tomato to Instagramming while listening to ALL the podcasts (I’m addicted), let’s just say I’m online a lot. Fred Baby too, as we both work from home. Needless to say, we need our Wi-Fi to work so we can too.

And you thought I was joking about shopping for all the toys for Odee? Nope! She likes to pick them out herself. 😉


SmartThings is awesome because it has gotten rid of all the dead spots in our home, which makes life so much easier — and a bit more fun. Hello, that’s why you often find me InstaStorying from the tub. #sorrynotsorry

SmartThings Wifi utilizes Plume. Plume is a new type of whole-home Wi-Fi system that maximizes your Wi-Fi network coverage and eliminates dead zones. Set-up is easy and app-enabled.

What does Plume’s AI-based Wi-Fi optimization technology mean for you?

Simply that the router figures out where dead spots are and fixes them automatically. Music to my ears.

For me, it means Wi-Fi now works in the backyard, so I can swan along on my phone “working,” while keeping an eye on Odee as she chases lizards.

With SmartThings Wifi, it also means we can control our lighting system as well as our smart thermostat and our Frame TV (yes, the TV that looks like art!). Plus, security cameras, our Ring Doorbell and our pool pump/heater — essential for swimming and swanning comfortably.

With SmartThings and the Plume App that you use to control all of these things in one spot, there are even more advantages.

One of my favorite things?

You can set up a separate network for guests! That is SO nice when we’re having a party and don’t necessarily want to be giving out our info to everyone. Safe, secure, easy peasy — yes please-y!

We like to party at Villa Golightly. 🙂

Another thing that’s great?

You can check the quality of connection coming to your house and test your internet speed whenever. This helps you figure out the health of your network and how much data your devices are using.

Bonus: Your internet provider can’t tell you it’s *your* router that’s the problem anymore – perfect for control freaks who know it’s not their fault. 😉

But perhaps the thing I LOVE the most?

With the Plume app, you can manage all aspects of your internet connection, which means you can FREEZE the internet connection of individual devices!!!

While this definitely would come in handy if you have kids and want to limit their screen time (I clearly need to limit Odee’s), this is also what I’ve been needing for myself — to freeze my phone’s internet out at (what should be) my bedtime.

That way I can’t cheat on sleep with Instagram and hopefully will finally sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed so I can be my best puppy mama and blogger self.

Of course, the best news in my decor-loving brain?

This comes with zero sacrifice to your decor. See that little white disk up there?  That’s it! It’s all in good taste. 🙂

So, if you want to simplify and get it together, check out SmartThings Wifi.

And, if you have SmartThings or get it, be sure to let me know what you think!


Thank you to Samsung SmartThings Wifi  for partnering on this post!


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