We’ve been on a bit of a tennis kick lately. No, we don’t have a Federer fetish, though we do kind of have a girl crush on Serena Williams (not to sound all Momsy, but she seems like such a good role model; you never see her rolling out of a Hollywood hotspot pantyless!).
Rather, it’s more that we actually like to play tennis – horribly. Have you ever tried it? Not hitting the ball over the net is half the fun. The other half? Wearing cute little tennis outfits and pretending like you know what deuce means.
So when we came across this silver tennis racket necklace, we were in love, love.
Designed by BARK, the Japanese-designed, British-made brand created by Miwako Yoshioka, we’re completely smitten with the nostalgic quality of her work (be sure to scope out the darling ice skate necklace too).
Where did we spot BARK? At Farfetch, a fab fashion site featuring 10 cities, 20 independent fashion boutiques and 200 designers in one single website. It’s like shopping the coolest of the world from your couch.
The boutique your BARK necklace will be coming from? London’s super-hip Beyond the Valley. Prepare to swoon.
Nab your necklace here.


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