Happy Halloween, my sweets. Did you have a fun holiday weekend? What do you have planned for tonight? We’ll be turning the lights down low and watching scary movies while, no doubt, eating way too much candy. (Is it our fault there won’t be any trick-or-treaters in the hills?)



Do you have favorite scary movies? I’m not a blood and gore kinda girl, but I do appreciate a good psychological thriller. Hitchcock has always been one of my favorites.



I remember watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents with my Dad when I was little. (Wait. Is that why I’m paranoid now?!) Hitchcock’s famously rotund silhouette and signature pout would enter the screen and we’d tear through our popcorn like nobody’s business.



And in film school (wait, can you call undergrad film school? These would probably be the things I’d know if I hadn’t majored in radio-television-film…), I distinctly recall watching North by Northwest on the big screen for the first time (thanks Mom and Dad for paying for me to watch movies, by the way).



The Birds. Vertigo. Notorious. Psycho. North by Northwest. Icy blondes, classic train scenes, Carey Grant. What’s not to love? Do you have a favorite Hitchcock film? I’d love to know…  (I’ll leave my favorite film in the comments!)


p.s. Pictures of my Halloween costume to come later in the week. I’d LOVE to see your Halloween costume. Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall. We just might send our favorite a special treat xx!


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