Feeling down about funemployment? Afraid of losing your job? Can’t wait to lose your job? Fab. Because, in case you haven’t heard, broke is the new black.
We love the tongue-in-cheek tank because it’s so right on for these trying times (trying=trying to figure out what you really want to do with your life and how you can actually afford it).
Make it tongue-in-chic by pairing it with your new white blazer and go-anywhere Audrey flats. Pants optional.
Best of all, it’s less than lunch at Whole Paycheck. Well, nearly. Once you add that bottle of organic wine to your reusable shopping tote, anyway. Something’s gotta get you through the day.
Get tanked here.
p.s. Plus, today only, get free shipping on orders over $75 using code HELLOSUNSHINE at checkout.
p.p.s. Father’s Day is THIS Sunday. Don’t know what to get Daddy Dearest? No worries. Click here for our 50 Gift Picks for Famous Dads.

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