If you’ve been feeling like fashion’s been in a bit of a rut, prepare for a jolt. Here, three things getting me all hot, bothered and excited about style, again.
Project Runway Season 6 First Tease – While I have been watching The Fashion Show, Bravo’s blatant knockoff of Project Runway, with Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Random, er Rowland (who, by the way, looks like she could be Elizabeth Hassleback’s twin — crazy but true!), I’ve been missing the real Project Runway with my beloved Tim Gunn.
So I was thrilled to find out that Project Runway Season 6 kicks off on Lifetime on August 20 and that Heidi, Tim, Nina and Michael Kors are all back — whew. But of course, PR isn’t all about the judges, it’s about the designers. Meet the new crop here and check out the video section, where you’ll get to see home visits, nab fashion tips and even get to see audition tapes. There goes my lunch hour…
See Coco Before Chanel – Anyone who lusts after anything Chanel, or simply loves a good story about someone rising from absolutely nothing and becoming hugely successful, will be as excited as I am to see the darling Audrey Tautou in Anne Fontaine’s Coco Before Chanel film this September. Until then, get a sneak peek at the trailer here. You sew girl…
Rachel Zoe is Back – Love her or simply love to loathe her, Season 2 of the Rachel Zoe Project is back on Bravo on August 25. Bananas! Until then, I’m watching video interviews with the ‘celebrity stylist’ (and finding out why she hates to be called that). I nod. I cringe. I die! One thing I can agree with is when Zoe says in her ‘Who Is Rachel Zoe’ video, I’m more scared to fail than to not try. I hear that, sista… If you can’t get enough Zoe, she recently announced that she’s starting an online newsletter, akin to yours truly and Gwenny’s GOOP, called The Zoe Report. Will you sign up for daily glamour in your inbox? Zoe claims It’s going to be bananas! Oh Zoe you di’dnt…
Speaking of bananas, it’s time for my daily obsession, a banana and nutella crepe. What are you craving these days? Talk to me, Tweetheart. A girl can always use more inspiration…
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