My lovelies! February is jam-packed with events almost more than the holiday season. The Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day, and for me, our five-year wedding anniversary! Do you participate or look forward to any of these events/holidays? I’d love to know what you’re most excited about going forward.



Can you believe how quickly January blew by? How are you doing on your resolutions/Amazing Life List goals? Quite frankly, I can’t believe just how well I’m doing (though my working out has dwindled to about only two days a week  — oops, sorry Dickey!). While I’d love to accomplish some of the bigger items (write a book, spend a summer in a French or Italian villa, be on Regis and Kelly — before Reg leaves, which I’m totally heartbroken over), I’m appreciative to have made good progress on the following:

Take a class at Slimmons (whoa, amazing!)

Wear more lipstick (mama likey!)

Say YES (why, I nevah)

Go on at least one weekend getaway a month (desert love)

Try one new restaurant a week (I have the waistline to prove it!)

Read more books that aren’t chick lit (my Dad made me read Sarah Palin’s book – wait, does that count?)

Watch more French films (Heartbreaker is tres adorable!)

Master the art of workout style (master may be strong but Gap Body sure did help)

See sunrise in the desert (who knew I could get up that early?)

Get out more during the week (having visitors helped!)

Be yourself more often (for better or worse, I’m striving for better)



I’m curious to see what gets knocked off the list next! Until then, here’s a look at this week’s highlights:

Kelly Wearstler started a blog (I nearly cried when I found out!)

We were invited to a Tee Party!

Katie Lee got us thinking about Valentine’s Day dinner

We dreamed of a Fantasy Island getaway

I revealed my love affair with Richard Simmons

You named Tina Fey as SAG’s Best Dressed!

We felt better about ourselves after seeing stars without makeup

I shared 4 more fab Valentine’s Day gift picks

This French woman showed us what to wear when riding a bike

Have a lovely weekend!

[All photos via Porter Hovey’s Kissssing blog!]

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