Will you be enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing this weekend? I finally saw Eat, Pray, Love last night and it was a good reminder to slow down a bit and enjoy life’s little moments (which is why promptly following the movie, darling Hubs and I headed to Canter’s and had French toast at midnight). Here are 10 little moments around the Web that made me smile today. I hope they’ll bring you joy too.

1. Oh Joy & Mrs. Lillien’s happy accident (how cute are they?).

2. This stone house (so magical).

3. Ice cream cone balloons ( I mean really).

4. This amazing teepee by Domestic Construction.

5. This clever wedding cake alternative.

6. An amazing field of dreams.

7. Breathtaking underwater wedding photos.

8. Emily’s flagrant use of the word shiznit and douchey (will you be at her viewing party this Sunday?).

9. Ten things that make Cashmere & Cupcakes smile (does your Mom say funny things too?).

10. Groupon. I’m addicted. You too?



p.s. I’ve posted some fabulous deals on our Facebook page (think food + fashion) for your weekend delight.

[photo by kellygolightly of my darling niece perfecting la dolce far niente]




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