Can you believe it’s September 11, 2009 already? Where does the time go? If there’s a takeaway from our nation’s greatest tragedy, it’s that life is short, so live (and create) the life you want to live. No one else is going to do it for you.
I feel very fortunate to be doing just that and truly hope you are too. This Monday, I’ll be flying off to Greece with my husband by my side to start our around-the-world adventure. Consider me a broad abroad from here on out.
First stop? Skopelos. Skop-a-who? It turns out the movie Mama Mia was filmed on the island, which I just got to see a few days ago, after we had already researched and decided on the island {p.s. the movie’s surprisingly fun and a great girly pick-me-up, not the total (feta) cheesefest I was anticipating}. If it’s half as pretty a backdrop for Meryl Streep as it appears in the movie, I’ll be a very happy girl. I’ll be updating you from the road, as Internet access permits (turns out not every villa on a rural Greek island has WiFi — go figure).
But before we jet off, I have a date with The Devil herself, Ms. Anna Wintour. Have you seen The September Issue yet? I can’t wait. In addition to my Saturday matinee date with Anna, I’ll also be tuning in to QVC at 8pm EST (shocking, I know) as her nemesis and competitor for title of ‘Most Powerful Woman In Fashion’ Rachel Zoe debuts her collection for QVC. The (faux) fur will surely be flying.
Hope to see you there!
Kelly Leekopolis (apparently this is my family’s original last name!)
p.s. Speaking of powerful women living their dream lives, Julie & Julia is another must-see. The film was even better than I was expecting (so rare these days) and will make you hungry — for bruschetta, for boeuf bourguignon, and most importantly, for life. Bon appetit!


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