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What a rollercoaster of a week (yours too?), fortunately ending on some very high notes. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you likely already know that yesterday I got to channel my inner Blue Steel and play model for a Style Network/ segment with the super-sweet and stylish host Sydne Summer. It was a day of fun at the H&M in West Hollywood, trying on cute outfits and having my hair and makeup done by professionals. A girl could really get used to this. The crew was especially fun and it’s always a blast to be any part of a creative project. Note to self: Do more of this! The segment should be up in about two weeks, so I’ll let you know when it is (if it’s not too embarrassing). That’s me, above, with my new Kate Spade iPhone  case that my parents gave me for Christmas. I love it (and them)! And below is host Synde Summer with a darling model, who was young enough to be my, um, younger sister.'s fashion editor sydne summer


I finished off the day by reuniting with my lovah (and it felt so good), on my second visit to Slimmons, where I met some lovely ladies that agreed it’s a total kick-in-the-bootay workout. Or, in my case, a kick in the toes. I had to bail on the final part of class (situps and pushups, dagnabbit those are my fave, she smirks) due to toe cramps. Who gets toe cramps?! Oh I know, the girl who wore a pair of heels that were too sizes too big for that shoot earlier in the day. Apparently curling your toes to hold the shoes in place for hours makes said toes very angry. It was like my toe (it was always my second toe) was giving me the middle finger, shouting diva-like “I don’t do heels!” Well, then. It made driving interesting, at least. And gave me new-found respect for real models. Modeling is hard. Poor soles.




Today, I’m getting finally get rid of what I’ve deemed a mullet (perhaps you’ll see what I mean on soon), and then I’ll be heading to the pampering suite at the Four Seasons where someone will do my makeup (thank goodness, I’ve learned there’s a reason they call them makeup artists, as these people really can work miracles) for tonight’s pre-Oscar party hosted by QVC. QVC will be broadcasting live from the Four Seasons party tonight (Friday, 9EST), so tune in if you dig fashion and celebrities, red carpets and shopping. And if you spot me, let me know!


secrets from a stylist emily henderson


Tomorrow, Secrets From a Stylist premieres (set your TiVos for 9/8C on HGTV!) and I’ll get the pleasure of celebrating with host Emily Henderson and friends. It should be a blast. If you’re in LA and interested in attending the premiere party, click here. And if you come, be sure to say hi! I’ll be the girl most likely wearing the same thing I wore to the QVC party (is that so wrong?). After that shindiggy, we’ll be celebrating with our friends at another party who just submitted the final version of their film to premiere at South by Southwest next month. And they say December is party season. Well December, meet the last week of February (considering my days usually involve eating, 12 hours at the computer, and more eating, this is kind of a fun change).



And on Sunday, it’s the true Super Bowl of Fashion — the Oscars!  I can’t wait to park it on the couch and see who wears what. And to see how Anne Hathaway and James Franco do as hosts. It’s such a random pairing, but it could work. We’ll see… Will you be tuning in?


I wish you a fabulous weekend and look forward to seeing you back here on Monday, where we’ll play Oscar’s Best Dressed!

[Top three photos by kellygolightly; fourth photo via HGTV; last photo via here]

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