Dolls. Can you believe it’s Friday already? I mean on one hand, praise the cupcake gods. On the other, where is summer going? I’m still trying to bid adieu to my post-holiday BFF, The Instant Button, and shed those extra pounds for ‘monokini season.’ Ugh.

The upside? The faster time flies, the sooner we get to see the ever-dapper Don Draper and his fellow cast of Mad Men – and women (finally back on AMC August 16). And, the sooner we get to see fall fashion.

Plus, I just found out we might be able to hang with the Mad Men cast, too. How, you say?

Banana Republic has teamed up with AMC to get us excited about both Mad Men and Banana’s ’60s-inpsired styles for fall (um, it’s working). Starting July 21, you can head to any Banana Republic store and pick up your casting call entry code for a chance to win a walk-on role on Mad Men Season 4. Then, submit a photo of yourself in your best Mad Men attire and pray to the martini gods that you win. It’s that simple.

I’m thinking of donning (pun so intended) my runner-up ‘Martha’ dress, a ‘Martha Blue’ frock that looks like something straight out of Betty Draper’s closet, possibly topped off by a cute little apron. Jessie Steele, perhaps?

If that doesn’t work out, I can always attempt to get shot by my other guy style crush (and just about every other fashion-lover’s out there), The Sartorialist. If you’re an avid reader of photog Scott Schuman’s blog, then you’ll get as much of a kick as I did out of Refinery 29’s irreverent Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Shot By The Sartorialist.

Seeing as I seem to have boys on the brain, what’s a Scott Schuman or Jon Hamm to do when he’s packed on a few extra pounds himself? Make it disappear instantly, of course. Now, we women aren’t the only ones who have to suffer through (er, I mean, be helped by) Spanx and other body shapers. Boys can suck it in without hitting the gym, too.

The image of Don Draper shimmying into a body shaper is enough to get me through the weekend, but I’ll also be in my indie shopping glory as The Renegade Craft Fair lands, once again, in San Francisco. And in my neighborhood, no less. If you’re local and have never been, run don’t walk. It’s so much fun and it’s free. Wander on over to Fort Mason on Saturday or Sunday (or, heck, both) for your dose of emerging design. Then grab yourself an extravagant sundae at Ghiradelli — or a choclate velvet cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes. Or, a spot of tea from Crown & Crumpet. Sure, it looks like Strawberry Shortcake Gone Wild in there, but that’s half the charm.

I hope to see you there! I’ll be the one with cupcake crumbs all over my Betty Draper dress.

kellygolightly xx,

p.s. To balance out all my boy crushing, here’s some girl crush love too:

– Have you spotted Emma Watson making the talk show rounds this week? My fave look? Her Regis and Kelly appearance (Must. Have. Those. Shoes.).

– Have you fallen in love with J.Crew all over again? The woman to thank: Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s creative director and one of my many style heroes. Not only did she revamp the brand and give us the most covetable color palette and pieces, but she’s responsible for the Kate Spade-level website too (which I’m also totally obsessed with).

— Have you met Mad Woman Dyna Moe? The hilarious blogger of Nobody’s Sweetheart illustrates scenes from Mad Men. Now if she would just sell these (or give them) to me. Either way, I’m not picky.

p.p.s. I nearly forgot! Did you watch The Fashion Show finale last night? My vote’s for Anna all the way. Who did you cast your 30 votes for? Tell me here, Tweetheart.


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