Buttercups, what’s on your wishlist this weekend? My wish is simple – to get my sparkle back. And to finally kick this wretched cold that has all but rendered me useless. Apparently I wasn’t really better when I went to two events this week (that I look forward to telling you all about next week once I can stay awake for longer than an hour at a time), and have thus relapsed. Cue the tiny violins. So enough about moi and my forays with NyQuil (I’m on my second bottle for those of you who love stats).



What is new in your world? What are you excited about for the summer? And more importantly, have you been watching Million Dollar Decorator? My new lay-on-the-couch-all-day-and-chug-NyQuil lifestyle has afforded me the chance to reunite with an old flame: Bravo. And since it looks like I’ll be meeting some of these decorators soon, I’d be lying like a frog on a log if I told you I wasn’t just a teensy bit skurred. But you fight crazy with crazy, right? On that note, I wish you a lovely Father’s Day weekend and leave you with this week’s highlights:


Introducing Plum Pretty Sugar Interiors
Kelly’s 5 Picks: Yellow There
Oh Topshop, Shoe Got What I Need
Father’s Day Gift Guide Part II


Here’s to bringing sparkle back…










[Photos via The Glitter Guide]

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