What a week. Iran. North Korea. Jon and Kate Plus Hate. Ed. Farrah. MJ. Not only does the world seem to be imploding, but losing childhood icons at the same time? It’s almost too much. The only person (probably) happy about any of this is Governor Mark Sanford. Who? Exactly.
The amazing trend I noticed? I heard all of this news via Facebook and Twitter.
I resisted both for a long time, especially Twitter, because I didn’t need another addiction in my life (cupcakes and clothing really do take up a lot of hours). But, as is so expectedly cliche, I gave in and am quickly becoming an addict. An official Twit, if you will. Friend me on Facebook and on Twitter, won’t you (search for editor@kellygolightly.com or kellygolightlyKelly if you have trouble with the links)? I’d love to know what you’re up to and be able to connect and chat with you. We can be Twits together. Co-dependent? Maybe. Fun? You betcha (insert wink here).
Now, because we all really need it, 10 Happy Klicks. Cue the endorphin rush:

1. SJP’s twins arrive! We can look forward to two more style icons in our future, Tabitha and Marion. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Double the ginormous flower pins?
2. The Uniform Project. One dress. 365 days. An experiment in Fashion Philanthropy. Never complain you have nothing to wear again.
3. Help a dog find a home with the Save a Dog Facebook app. I’m faux fostering (fauxstering?) this little guy, Felix. Browsing bowsers (bowsing )? Heartwarmingly addictive.
4. The trailer is out of The September Issue, R.J. Cutler’s much-anticipated documentary about Vogue (i.e. The REAL Devil Wears Prada). Finally we get to see Anna Wintour and the Conde Nasties in all their glory.
5. Jimmy Fallon launches 7th Floor West online Finally, we can get The Hills mockumentary on demand. Cue long pauses and stares.
6. Genius invention of the century? Rollasole, emergency ballet flats sold via vending machines. Tabitha and Marion are so lucky. Pray these are soon on every corner.
7. Need a true 10-minute meal that will knock your Rollasoles off? Sfoglia’s spaghetti with figs, basil and brown butter has become my go-to dish. Sorry, arteries (it’s worth it!).
8. Need a laugh in the kitchen? Martha teaching Snoop how to make mashed potatoes is a classic.
9. Dane Cook? No thanks. Nick Thune? Oh yeah.
10. Okay, 10 may have been a fib. But for good reason. I need your help! I need a sunscreen that doesn’t give me an instant headache. Why do most smell so toxic? What’s your fave brand for face (that you can wear under makeup) and body? Lemme know on Facebook or Twitter, dollface. I’ll owe you big.
kellygolightly xx,

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