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Love is toxic? That’s not a new one (Britney told us so). What is new is that your love life really might be. Stefanie Iris Weiss takes being green to a whole new level in Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable. Frankly, it’s something we’ve never really thought about so it’s pretty thigh- eye-opening and jam-packed with easy-to-digest info on how we can start making a difference – in and out of the boudoir. Of course, being fashion and beauty lovers,  the beauty section was most interesting (it’s kind of horrifying when you realize what’s on the drugstore shelves and going into our bodies). And while you may not be ready to ditch your deodorant, there are small changes you can make to not only be kinder to the planet, but also kinder to your body (and, in turn, even more beautiful). We love that Weiss includes links to trusted brands (we’re always up for trying new beauty products) and we’ve discovered some new favorites too. There are even recipes for creating your own beauty products, perfect for a girls night in. Check out her website HERE and pick up a copy of Eco-Sex HERE.

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