Kate Spade Book Clutches; Book Clutches; Kate Spade Vintage Book Clutches


Kate Spade just released these limited-edition vintage book clutches available for pre-sale. Aren’t they just the cat’s meow? I adore The Great Gatsby cover (and the book, of course) in my fave combo of black, white and yellow.


Kate Spade Clutches; Great Gatsby Clutch


I’d love to show up to dinner one night with our friends who we call The Ewings (partly because their initials form JR and partly because they’re from Texas and are awesome), with The Great Gatsby clutch in hand (The Ewings call us The Gatsbys because they think we’re far more glamorous than we actually are – silly Ewings!). Feeling bookish?

See the collection here.

p.s. We’ve just landed in our new Beverly Hills flat! In fact, I type this from bed, my OWN bed (the first time I’ve woken up in it in nearly one year), eating a very elegant breakfast of Pop Chips and hot chocolate in bed. The reason I’m still in it? I can’t move! Yesterday’s moving day went something like this: Boxes: 1; Kelly: 0.  There are enough boxes to be opened to invoke a panic attack, so apologies in advance for any delays in postings. God willing, I’ll be back soon xx!



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