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One of my Amazing Life List items and New Year’s resolutions is to say yes. And while this caused a twinkle in my hubby’s eyes, I mean yes to the small stuff (haha, no joke intended there, honey) and the big stuff (snicker, snicker). Life’s short, so if an opportunity presents itself, why not throw it a big fat hug, arms wide open? Wanna try Persian food for dinner? Yes! Wanna move to Hong Kong? Yes! Wanna make out? Yes! So when I spotted these Emersonmade t-shirts, I said yes, yes, yes. The girl gets it just right every single time, making the exact things that we all want, even if we never knew it. Including a paper Valentine heart tee. Ready to say yes, my little ponies?


p.s. Wouldn’t these make the greatest Valentine’s Day gifts? Yes!

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