Did you hold on to Labor Day with both hands, wishing that the workweek would never come? We spent part of our Labor Day finally seeing Julie & Julia, the Meryl Streep/Amy Adams film about the resplendent Julia Child and, well, a blogger. Aside from immediately wanting to pack our bags and move to Paris, the film has us in a cooking kind of mood.
Have you ever deboned a duck? We haven’t either. But when thinking about what knife we would use if such a reality were to stare us in the face, we started having palpitations. Not because we didn’t have plenty of knives, but because all of the many, many knives we do have are so precariously scattered in drawers, as not all of them will fit in that handy dandy knifeblock we all have, but can’t figure out which knife goes where.
Not to fret. We recently stumbled upon the perfect solution, to be filed under the “Why didn’t I think of that?” category. The Kapoosh Universal Knife Block has a spongy interior instead of pre-allotted slots, which means you can stick any knife in anywhere you please — at any angle. No more trying to find the right sized slot. Insert tawdry middle school joke here.
Available in stainless steel or woodgrain, give your knives a home to be proud of here. We think Julia would approve. Bon appetit!


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