Just a week ago, we were skipping through France, reveling in the stunning autumn hues, sipping Beaujolais in Beaujolais and swooning over macaroons and all sorts of fabulous sweet treats in even more fabulous it’s-too-pretty-to-eat-but-if-I-must packaging.
So it was a delight to hear from Claire Eglizeaud and Paul Moreau, a designer and a graphic artist from Bordeaux, France, who want to share their new line of pillows with their friends across the pond.
Sweet, poppy, bold and bright, yet a bit dark and avant garde too, if Amelie were to be captured in a collection of pillows, you would have Bonjour Mon Coussin.
The motifs are original and inspired by vintage found documents (think postcards, an 1873 marriage certificate) or drawn from their own world (voyages and unusual objects) and — we’re just guessing — an adventurous sweet tooth.
Ready to Frenchify your space with something arty that not everyone else has and that will have you and your friends inspired and swooning?
Shop Bonjour Mon Coussin!

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