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Many of you have asked how I am making these cute hearts on Instagram (you can follow me on Instagram at @kellygolightly), so I wanted to share the app so you can have some hearty fun of your own. Read on to discover what the app to make hearts on Instagram is called…

How To Make Instagram Hearts

Without further ado, the app I use to make hearts is called, drum roll please…


What Is Afterlight?

Afterlight is a fun and easy app that allows you to make different shapes. So instead of your typical square or rectangualr photo, you can create heart-shaped frames, make circles, ovals.

And, there’s a frame that allows you to keep the original length of your photo too, which is great.

Hope you enjoy!

Have More Instagram Questions?

Are there any other apps you enjoy for Instagram?

Or questions you might have on how I edit our photos?

Let me know, I’m an open book and happy to share any Instagram insights I may have!

My Favorite Things: Heart Edition

While we’re on the topic of hearts, I love a heart motif in fashion and design. Therefore, I rounded up some of my current favorite items, from heart necklaces and earrings to heart-embellished joggers.

Do you have a favorite item? Let me know in the comments!

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